Scholarships & Financial Aid for LGBTQ Students

Scholarships & Financial Aid for LGBTQ Students

Key Resources and Expert Tips to Make Grad School Affordable. GoGrad.org, P.O. Box 77062, San Francisco, CA 94107


Comprehensive consumer guide to real estate "LGBT mortgages"

The guide will help to explain the different approaches that same-sex couples can take in getting a mortgage, establishing ownership of a home and other legal issues.


Some National and Regional Listings

Search for your communities in some of these larger listings. Some friends of mine are working on a local yellow pages. Keep your fingers crossed, maybe someday they will do the walking.

A national gay and lesbian yellow pages listing since 1973. Publishes a guide. Is also on the net.

Personal Finance Guide for LGBT by Aptus Insurance.

Also find:

Gay Vancouver Net
Gay business guide to Seattle Area

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