Gay Radio

Fruit Salad glbt show 7pm

The Lesbian Show 8pm

Thursday evenings on CFRO 102.7 FM. Vancouver Co-op Radio.

We get it in most parts of Bellingham with rabbit ears.
(Remember rabbit ears?)


Conan Dunham said...

My name is Conan R H Dunham songwriter/singer known best for my 1979 album
“Tell Ol’ Anita”. There are multiple pages on Google about myself and the album mostly referring to me as supposedly dead. I am very much alive at least from the waist up and have a new rock and roll album “Conan’s Back” which I will be mailing out copies in the next 10 days. I would very much appreciate any support I might be afforded from your station and I need your mailing address if you would like a copy. My biography is listed on my web page on my web site (I will spell it carefully as blockers will delete it any other way.
I thank you so very much and look forward to hearing from you.
Regards Conan

Conan Dunham said...

I noticed on my mailing list for "Conan's Back" CD and don't see a record of it being sent to you. If you haven't received a copy please contact me at my web address or email and provide a mailing address. Also there is a new music video of my noted song "Tell Ol' Anita" on my web site and also YOUTUBE which was several months in production.
Best regards Conan Dunham