Whatcom County Health Department

Testing and so forth. Lisa Shoemaker has sent me a packet of flyers. One of the things is an invitation to a Tuesday night group for young men ages 19-25. "Young Men Together," it's called. A place to learn, share and grow. Every other Tuesday 5:30-7:00pm beginning 4/15/03. Call or stop by for more information. 360-676-4593 or visit HIV/STD Program 1500 N. State #201, Bellingham.

Other groups are possible as well. I met with Lisa and mentioned interest in things for older men, such as an over 40s group. She said the conference room is available and she can put energy toward different aspects of the community if the interest is there.

They also sent a brochure with clinic hours for things like HIV testing including some new Tuesday evening hours.


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