GLBTA Newsletter

It's a Yahoo Group called "Alternative Bellingham. One need not subscribe to see newsletter on line.

Newsletter announces weekly location of Wednesday Dinner and also has other notices from local GLBTA community. Contact Robert directly with your information for posting in this newsletter. It's an edited newsletter that comes out roughly once per week.

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* Wall for my Gay Bellingham Facebook Group. Join to post comments and so forth.


Xade said...

Hi! My partner and I will be moving to Bellingham from Tacoma in May, 2010. We are wondering if you could assist us at all regarding gay-friendly places to hang out at in Bellingham and/or groups we might want to belong to. We are in our 40s and would very much like to make friends. Could you help us out? My e-mail is welshscotsman@myspace.com Thanks a bunch! --Xade

Houston said...