The Betty Pages (print publication)

Betty Desire

Famous for her local humor and her Drag shows now held on the fourth Sunday Evening of each month at Rumor's Cabaret.

She has a monthly publication called "Betty Pages." Available at Rumors, Village Books and a few other places.

Youtube video from when Betty did her show in Mount Vernon a while back.

Mailing address:
Betty Pages, PO box 2724, Bellingham, WA. 98227.

Betty's Myspace site.
Betty's fan club on Facebook.


Bellingham Sex Positive Center

The Bellingham Sex Positive Center promotes the discovery and enjoyment of our personal desires. We offer a diverse calendar of events in order to provide education and to activate conversation and exploration of open, consensual, and safe gratification. The BSPC is an inclusive, all-embracing venue that is available to adults who are open-minded and interested in exploring the innumerable aspects of non-traditional relationships, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual expression.
Thebspg on Facebook.
They also list their things on the web site for Fet Life and they plan to have their own web site eventually.


Evergreen Empire

Bellingham's drag court social and fund raising organization has new web site.


Bellingham Bi/Pan & Friends Meetup Group

Bisexual and pansexual people, their partners, family and friends are welcome to join us to gather and connect. Bellingham Bi Pan Meetup Group.


PFLAG, Bellingham-NW Washington

A local chapter for parents, family and friends of gay people as well as gay people, themselves, who want to get involved.

More information about P-FLAG visit their website, or write to:
PO Box 28704; Bellingham, WA. 98228-0704

See some images, videos, information about the Yearly Fourth Corner Pride Festival.
Whatcom PFLAG on Facebook.


Skagit County PFLAG

Skagit County PFLAG

Phone: 360-856-4676
Join us for Monthly Support Meetings Located at:
Skagit Valley Food Co-op Bldg. Room 309
202 S. 1st. St.
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
7:00-8:30 PM the second Monday of each month.
Also ask about the FAB 5 youth program (14-19)
meets twice monthly for support and education.
Skagit chapter PFLAG.
National PFLAG web site.


Gay Inside Out community center nonprofit organization in Bellingham

Community center developing in Bellingham, a nonprofit organization.

Gay Inside Out also known as Village Vida Center

Survey for gay community center in Bellingham

Hi everyone,

I am extremely passionate about starting a community center for our LGBTI folks.
If you have time please go to (click on) the site below to fill out the survey.
If you already have filled one survey out - either on paper or the internet -
please don't fill out another.


Pass it on ...Peace, dalia.


Cascade Rainbow Community Center

Recently moved to Mount Vernon. Located in Center for Spiritual Living Church, 1508 N. 18th St.Mount Vernon, WA.

Weekly social gatherings. Community center volunteers also reach out and network for entire Northwest Washington region centered in Skagit, Whatcom, Island and San Juan Counties.

Web site.

Phone 360-840-8499.


Wedding Officiant

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I am now available to officiate wedding ceremonies. And, yes, it will be my humble honor to perform both traditional and “non-traditional” unions. Gender and spiritual diversity are embraced and enriched by the power of love.

Many of you know of my previous training in religious philosophy and worldwide traditions; some of you may even be aware that I attended Yale Divinity School long ago with the goal of ordination into the Episcopal Church. As the years came and went, those studies and aspirations seemed to belong to the distant life of a foreign soul far, far away.

But now the past clears and the future beckons. Through all that I’ve learned, unlearned, and eventually relearned, two lights now illuminate my path: 1) The Word of God (dess) is…”Yes.” 2) The lesson in the School of Life is…”Love.” Simple truths, but not necessarily easy ones for some of us to accept.

So here’s my offer: If you know of a couple who are seriously considering marriage, I’d be happy to meet with them and discuss the possibilities. Being a bit of a writer, I’d be happy to help with vows. Spiritual traditions are no barrier; from Episcopal to Pagan, I can embrace pretty much anything if you can show me what’s in your hearts.

Nor should financial considerations be an impediment. That ought to be the last thing a couple worries about when it comes to uniting their souls in love.

In short, I am at your service.

Bucolic blessings to one and all,

Matthew Thuney


Front Runners of Bellingham

Bellingham Frontrunners is a running and walking group for the Bellingham GLBTQ community. We meet every Sunday morning at 10:00 AM at Lake Padden in front of the bath house at the swimming area (West Entrance off Samish Way). Please join us for a brisk run or a leisurely walk around Lake Padden (2.6 miles). We usually go out for brunch after the run.

There is also a hiking group.

Hike planned once per month. Announcements in Robert's newsletter, or contact the hiking group / Frontrunners phone number. Hiking group carpools to a trail head.
For more info - contact (360) 527-0711.

Google map meet at Lake Padden. Images of Lake Padden. Photos taken by Carl, posted by Robert.

www.frontrunners.org or Bellingham listing


Evergreen Aids Foundation

Support services and volunteer opportunities. Sponsors community events, fund raisers and work for AIDS prevention. Offices at 115 Unity Street #302. Bellingham, WA. 98225 Phone 360-671-0703


Fourth Corner Polyamory Group

Fourth Corner Poly is a discussion and support group for people who are open to more than one loving and honest relationship in their lives.

We meet every 3rd Thursday evening of the month in Bellingham. Details, locations and more information available in Yahoo Group.

Web page.
Yahoo Group.


Gay Dating Sites Net

Welcome and thank you for visiting Gay Dating Sites, where we provide information on how to safely use online gay dating sites in a manner that minimizes the risk to the individual of assault or violence. Gay men face some unique risks when it comes to online dating, and many of the incidents which are occurring go largely unreported in the media. Consequently it is the goal of Gay Dating Sites, to inform the GLBT community of those risks and how to minimize them.


Literary Magpie

Literary Magpie is a blog that focuses on gay and lesbian literature by interviewing LGBTQ authors, performance artists and publishers and reviewing queer books and literature. Literary Magpie also explores the writing life and features monthly guest bloggers from the U.S. and abroad.


Queer Youth Project

Formerly called "Just Us Youth."

A safe and confidential weekly support group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and ally 14-18 year olds.

Queer Youth Project Facebook page

WHAT - A support group for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, questioning youth and their allies

WHEN - Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:30 - 5:30 P.M.

WHERE - Call for location

Northwest Youth Services - 360.734-9862
NWYS Safe Home Hotline - 360.676-1022/800.456-1022
PFLAG helpline - 360.733-1500

Facilitated by Northwest Youth Services trained volunteers.

A safe, confidential, supportive environment for sexual minority youth, youth with sexual minority parents, youth questioning their sexual orientation, and for youth allies.

We all can manage so much better with a little support.

Safe Schools Coalition state wide web site.


North Sound Lesbians Meetup Group

We are a group of lesbians that live all over but mostly in the Whatcom/Skagit counties and Southern BC. We are a social group that gets together for potlucks, game nights, girls night out, camping, hiking, coffee, book clubs, motor cycle rides, dancing, volunteering, picnics, fishing and any other ways we can think of to socialize.

North Sound Lesbians.


Whatcom County Health Department

Testing and so forth. Lisa Shoemaker has sent me a packet of flyers. One of the things is an invitation to a Tuesday night group for young men ages 19-25. "Young Men Together," it's called. A place to learn, share and grow. Every other Tuesday 5:30-7:00pm beginning 4/15/03. Call or stop by for more information. 360-676-4593 or visit HIV/STD Program 1500 N. State #201, Bellingham.

Other groups are possible as well. I met with Lisa and mentioned interest in things for older men, such as an over 40s group. She said the conference room is available and she can put energy toward different aspects of the community if the interest is there.

They also sent a brochure with clinic hours for things like HIV testing including some new Tuesday evening hours.


Queer Women of Bellingham

Ultimately meant to be a social networking site for all identifying women (Lesbian, Bi, Transgender, etc.) of all ages of the local community. There are forums for discussions about issues, planned "get togethers", or anything else you can think of. Local female identified queer musicians, artists, authors, shop owners, etc. will be promoted as well so that we can help to support each other as well. Eventually I would like it to be something where we meet once a month in real life over dinner, however, there would need to be enough dedicated people who really want to build a community within our community.