Wedding Officiant

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I am now available to officiate wedding ceremonies. And, yes, it will be my humble honor to perform both traditional and “non-traditional” unions. Gender and spiritual diversity are embraced and enriched by the power of love.

Many of you know of my previous training in religious philosophy and worldwide traditions; some of you may even be aware that I attended Yale Divinity School long ago with the goal of ordination into the Episcopal Church. As the years came and went, those studies and aspirations seemed to belong to the distant life of a foreign soul far, far away.

But now the past clears and the future beckons. Through all that I’ve learned, unlearned, and eventually relearned, two lights now illuminate my path: 1) The Word of God (dess) is…”Yes.” 2) The lesson in the School of Life is…”Love.” Simple truths, but not necessarily easy ones for some of us to accept.

So here’s my offer: If you know of a couple who are seriously considering marriage, I’d be happy to meet with them and discuss the possibilities. Being a bit of a writer, I’d be happy to help with vows. Spiritual traditions are no barrier; from Episcopal to Pagan, I can embrace pretty much anything if you can show me what’s in your hearts.

Nor should financial considerations be an impediment. That ought to be the last thing a couple worries about when it comes to uniting their souls in love.

In short, I am at your service.

Bucolic blessings to one and all,

Matthew Thuney

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Drew Watts said...

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