A few gay friendly businesses that have ask to be here

Businesses that have asked to be listed here I haven't sold ad space in this guide, but that's something I can think about doing, maybe.

Rumors Cabaret
1119 Railroad Avenue, Bellingham. Next door to Rumors in the same building, Miller's Back Door Lounge.

Gender Confirmation Center
Dr. Scott Mosser has worked years building this website to provide the most current information about transgender medical information, procedures and daily life. We wanted to create a place anyone can go and receive extreme value from many years of experience. We tried to hit every perspective from medical, transgender life and even parts of education for people who are extremely new to understanding terminology and community. Based in San Francisco.

Mystical Massage
Retreats, workshops, the work of Sequoia mostly based in Vancouver area. Men in Touch.


Unknown said...


We are a trans cod3r and an queer artist working it out...support is welcomed...please buy something to show your support!

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