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Events and other things in Bellingham area, at least what I am aware of. It's a group on groups.io and also a Facebook Group. One can sign up for mailings from the group, or just click on the link to see postings on the open web. Facebook users can sign up for the Facebook group.

Dinner gathering meets around 5 - 5:30 PM each Wednesday in a different restaurant. It's mostly men, but open to all. Just drop by and find us. New people welcome. Always a different mix and lot of regulars come. A good place to see who's around town. Weekly locations announced in my newsletter. Gatherings are informal and there isn't a topic. Conversations just take place up and down the table. These days usually between 10-20 folks show up each week, but it varies.

Also see my (one person's) description of the Bellingham scene. Also some history and photos of Bellingham Pride Parades.

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