A bit of local history and other things

Photos and memories, mostly from Robert

From my blog

Photos and descriptions on Flickr

Bellingham Gay Pride Parades by Mark Allyn

Some other sites with photos and videos from:

One more person
2015 Bellingham Pride Parade Video
2016 Bellingham Pride Parade Video, Slideshow
2015 pictures

Youtube video from when Betty did her show in Mount Vernon, WA. a while back.

Lots more images of pride available via search.

A few other stories of things happening around Northwest Washington
2001 When gay youth happenings almost brought anti gay Reverend Phelps to Bellingham
2004 When the play Laramie Project was preformed at Anacortes High School
2008 Over the Raibow Festival at Mount Vernon High School

Poster from Gay Dance, Western Washington State College, 1975


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