Useful links that have been suggested for LGBTQ people

Ingersoll Gender Center
An organization by and for transgender and gender nonconforming people. Had a table at 2019 Bellingham Pride.

The Ultimate Guide to LGBTQ Dating Safety
Resources and links to articles about dating safety. Dangers of Dating as an LGBTQ Person, Statistics, LGBTQ Dating Apps, How to Use Dating Apps Safely.

The Recovery Village
Recovery Village, an organization dedicated to helping individuals struggling with substance abuse into recovery.

Scholarships & Financial Aid for LGBTQ Students
Attending college can be difficult, but lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning students may have an even harder time than others. The following guide was created to help LGBTQ students understand how many campuses are helping to make the college experience more welcoming and supportive. Part of a larger affordable colleges guide. Key Resources and Expert Tips to Make Grad School Affordable. GoGrad.org, P.O. Box 77062, San Francisco, CA 94107

Addiction Campuses LGBT Programs
We created this LGBTQ+ guide because we would receive calls about community members that were discriminated upon at treatment centers because of who they love.

The guide is meant to be informational and provides great tips about which questions to ask centers to ensure they are LGBTQ+ friendly, it talks about the different types of programs that are out there and more. Our hope is that wherever they are, they can make educated choices if they are looking to get help, even from local places.

Our mission is to educate as many people as possible by providing informational resources that increase understanding and awareness of addiction - a disease that unfortunately affects those within the LGBTQ+ community at a 48% higher rate compared to the rest of the population. We hope that the information we provide can help LGBTQ+ folks and their loved ones be aware of this, and help them find nondiscriminatory aid if needed.

GBTQ+ and Addiction
A national resource guide. Substance use disorders have a greater effect on LGBTQ+ people than on the heterosexual population. The LGBTQ+ community must overcome several obstacles, including being denied substance abuse treatment because of their sexual identity. However, through the proper understanding and accommodation of LGBTQ+ care principles, substance abuse treatment can be successful.

Addiction Guide
Addiction Guide is your reliable source on addiction and the dangers of illicit substances. We cover how drugs and alcohol affect the body, how to identify the signs and symptoms of abuse, and where to seek effective treatment. Our mission is to guide you and your loved ones to a healthier life.

Comprehensive consumer guides to real estate "LGBT mortgages" and also discrimination
The guide will help to explain the different approaches that same-sex couples can take in getting a mortgage, establishing ownership of a home and other legal issues.

GLBT Housing Guide
Another resource brought to my attention.

From the mail.

Here’s the guide: LGBTQ Housing Discrimination by Jaleesa Bustamante - I thought it was a unique and well-written piece and thought you’d like to share it among your resources, especially since college students are constantly moving around and signing new leases - this is just some helpful info to have available. It covers our rights, steps to take, and even discusses homelessness in LGBTQ youth.

My best, ~Ryan

Guide to Paying for Transitional Procedures
Financing your transition is one of many challenges facing the community, and having a plan in place is essential. This guide covers ballpark pricing for hormone therapy and reassignment surgery as well as discussing funding through insurance and other means.

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